Do you blog the same, 'cuz you don't let it show

> The first recorded evidence of the creation story, in > which Atum plays the role of the Creator God, was found > in the body of the pyramids. In one of the texts there was > a text explaining that relationship, where the text says: > “Greetings to you, Atum ... > > Greetings to you, my news, you who came into existence. > > By yourself, you who created yourself ...

For the love of self-referentiality!

> It is currently 3F in St Louis.

3F's a charmF!

> I think [Inquiry]( feels the same > way on that one.

Damned straight (the typing of which managed to provoke a mild Camel straight yearn..) on how much Inquiry sooooo loves his email aliases!

> I can't help but share this animated documentary of > strength and courage within communist China, “Up We > Soar”. I believe it paints a clear picture of how the > lack of respect for humanity and a ruthless cancel culture > can devastate lives.

Too bad it'll be clear to everyone but the cancelers.

> To Remain True, Science Requires Faith

I'd love to experience someone attempting to tell/convince me there's any”thing” in the domain of mind that could possibly “be” (i.e. seem) “real” sans faith.

> Just another way our systems turn us into monsters.

It makes perfectly good sense to me that systems engineered and operated by monsters would be monster creation/refinement capable.

Elsewhen, Jon Konrath came to mind out of the blue the other night, and it was nice to see he was still at it.