Dear tmo the prolific

> I remember MIA, and souterra, and vorheen (was the > name?) and where are these people going?

No doubt to spaces and/or places safe from the ever-evolving prose of Inquiry! ;–) > > But I have been enjoying Dino, Andreas, OpenSourceMusings, > Mike Stone, Melyanna, and of course the ever-evolving > prose of Inquiry :)

See? :–)

I rather appreciate that, tmo. Inquiry realizes Inquiry's rantiliciousness can be more than a little overbearing. But he quite simply doesn't know any other way. It's somehow never felt right joining the cacophonous <notes how that first syllable rhymes with 'caca'> choir of the masses.

Except when it comes to the Beatles. The species manages to get it right (i.e. in accord with Inquirous beliefs...) every now and then.

> “Only the strong survive”. LOL!

I suspect banded-together-idiocy fares well as well.

> more later

The faithful can only hope!

<inhales deeply on his glorious Swisher>