Chirping squirrels, and the progeny of the familiar

Yep, I got me one somewhere outside the window I'm facing.

It becomes visually available from time to time, often with a sort of motionless ('cept for that little bit of classic squirrel tremor), stunned “OMG” look in its eye(s) while clutching whatever plant in its mouth.

And, <sigh>, I'll likely never solve how it seems to see me through the windowpane.

Partner will be out of town this weekend, but has already weighed in on what she thinks I ought to be doing.

No, I'm not referring to stereotypical relationship requests (e.g. “chores”) – just recommendations for getting together with this friend and/or that.

Which is nice in a way, except for the fact I tend to prefer strangers to familiars, and it bothers me just slightly that she somehow doesn't seem to know that despite my having explicitly said so many times over the years.

The motivation ('logic' seems a bit heavy, here) behind my preference is pretty simple, namely the age old observation that “familiarity breeds contempt”.

(Perhaps these days that might be restated “unfamiliarity doesn't further numb – let alone offend – attention”?)

Wow, just typing about the weekend has this day feeling more like Thursday than Tuesday.