Cheer up sleepy blog

> I doubt the system really benefits the heirs of the largess > of the extremely wealthy either. Living a life without > real consequences due to good fortune could easily mean > an inability to evaluate real-world options clearly. When > no are no stakes and no critical feedback, what personal > development occurs?

Why does personal development have to occur to/for all? Surely a desirable consequence of essentially “winning the lottery” is no longer having to live in accord with such assumptions....

> And it is sickening how happy and excited most of us seem > to be to go along with it.

Why be miserable over how we apparently, predominantly are?

Perhaps it's better to accept and operate in and/or around it to the best of one's talent stack?

> Hollywood has already created a version of transness that > the broader world finds somewhat acceptable.

Not unusual for people in the habit of profiting from stereotypes.

> the kids have not called me at all. so i guess i am well > and truly alone. dont think anyone would notice if i died > right now.

How could we given its implying no one left to inform us of it....?

I've kids that don't call, too. I can get worked up about it. But that emotion is mostly rooted in the assumption of something that ought/must be happening.

But how could that be given I can remember times before them in which I was just fine without them?

Whatever one most thinks is winds up most seeming to be.

> Good night from Hanoi. I’ll just open this 🍺