By the time I get to Joaquin Phoenix

('Tis the treadmill again, whose sweaty consequences tease Lennon's Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) to mind.)

I'm probably not going to see “The Joker”, not because others – even in this lofty gathering place – are losing their textual crap over it, but because I typically don't see movies “first run” anyway.

(Not that news of there being particularly good popcorn at a theater couldn't turn me around, mind you...)

To me, the “silver screen”, well, it's still just a screen, right? And I've got lots of screens to look at these days – all of 'em but that silver one already paid for. Why would I pay top dollar to visit a screen floating in a sea of gosh knows what germs, and sans really good popcorn to boot?

It just makes no sense.