But when you talk about a sys-teh-heh-heh-hem.. doncha know that you can count peace out?

I get a sorrowful kick out of tuning into most people when they're discussing/theorizing/pontificating on the theme of “our” system.


Because the vast majority seem utterly clueless to the fact that we're it. Period. No matter how badly anyone wants to believe there is, could, or should be some “independent” authority, oversight group, etc., in any/every case such would be comprised of us.

Therefore, the details of whatever “our” system might be are all but irrelevant relative to the integral of the quality of behavior of those comprising it. Enough lying, cheating pieces of shit outweigh/override/trump “system”, because only the inverse of such could actually wind up being a system – as opposed to everyone mostly doing their own self-centered thing, even (yea, especially) if/when putting on the best appearances of not doing their own self-centered thing.

'Tis “we the people”, not “us the woke, and they the unwoke”.

The solution isn't The Right System™. Quite rather, it's raising human beings whose default behavior is such that there's no need for a system to begin with.

In my view, almost all focus on who is “right” about The Right System™ is – regardless how well-intentioned and/or passionate – little more than an excuse to do said real work, the neglecting of which absolutely guarantees entropy wins....