Blogstones.. meet the Blogstones.. they're the modern blog-age fa-mi-leeeee

> I'm not sure what exactly I wanted, or want, from this > blog – but I didn't get whatever it was. Hammering out > text for my own sanity is all I derive from it. Was the > case in 2018, and that's the case now.


I knew from the very beginning: intelligent interactions leading unto increased semantic coherence and camaraderie.

What I didn't know – and suffered accordingly wishing in vain it could become such – is this isn't the kind of place for that. :–)

Not because there aren't intelligent beings, here. In fact, there are plenty.

But because few if any others had/have that goal/expectation in/of a place like this.

Not that they should, mind you.

In case you're wondering what I mean by “semantic coherence”, let's go to the example tape:

Take correspondents I met in “Craigslist Platonic”. We didn't know each other, and while we certainly used the same English words to communicate, contextual details/nuances were missing (as they always are).

But over time, we grew accustomed to those, i.e. our semantics became increasingly coherent such that we could context-switch into each others' unspoken meaning contexts on a word-by-word basis, as needed. We even developed our own language of sorts: you know, where words wound up with additional meanings known, for the most part, only to us – a “secret language”, if you will.

I suppose some of that could happen in a place where people are merely throwing offerings over a wall (e.g. the wall). But to me that's a slow, mistake-ridden process sans a certain critical mass of interaction.

> I say Thanx for everyone who reads it, am appreciative that > anyone bothers to read it, but I'm not sure where it was > going to go or what could or could've ever came from it.

But there must have been (many) times along the way when some sort of possibilities felt realize-able, even if not well-defined – e.g. that others knowing your thoughts and/or ongoing experience(s) did/could lead to something – otherwise you'd not have persisted, not have re-pressed the button delivering the vaguely-defined mental/emotional nummies pellets.

> I feel W.a has become a bit toxic for me. As has > blogging. I should just be journaling. I still want to, and > will, create the WriteFreely thing, because like “Mox”, > I do not have to concern myself with what someone else > reads on it and then hearing about it through email or > whatever.

I tend to have inner zeroish-sum equations associated with activities, with respective alarms going off if/when cost/effort exceeds anticipated and/or hoped-for benefits/results/outcomes. So I don't feel toxic so much as less than an wise steward of my time when posting in bigger ways.

> Changing course.

Well, we gotta do what we gotta do. But I will once again say I've thoroughly enjoyed your content, style, and frequency. So be sure I get a link to wherever you wind up if you truly leave this horn 'o plenty 'o silence. :–)

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