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> The majority of the time, this stuff will sit > beside the dumpster, as a last ditch offering for > the person to get it, or, for other dumpster rats > to take what they choose instead of perfectly good > electronics/furniture/decor/etc. just wastefully being > hauled away by the county.

Makes for a heck of a metaphor for ;–)

> But, I don't partake. I feel bad that they got evicted, > or have no place to go with the stuff, or whatever the > situation may be. Though, I did claim a patio chair from a > dumpster once before when I first moved to the apartment > before this one – because I owned zero chairs and I > wasn't above doing that sorta thing.

Having a place to go with the stuff doesn't help. We've a second garage slowly willing with junk from the previous house, and working things we've replaced purely for stylistic reasons.

I'd love to have a rummage sale, but that means people, which means some will be hagglers, others will be thieves, other will be “professional” rummage sale goers that find ways to wreck it for others, etc.

So all that shit's probably headed to a landfill at some point, because the opportunity to make the planet unbearable (“climate change”) for assholes trumps (not an accidental word choice..) being at the mercy of assholes.

Or am I being too bluntly honest in that statement?

Anyhoo.. humid day, here.. daughter/son/grandchilden-in-law are enjoying our rental. Weather could be touch and go with occasional thunderstorms in the forecast. And it sounds like they'll all be here for dinner – which I'll take over possibly feeling pressured to eat indoors (which we're not really ready for, yet).