Blog, you know it ain't easy

> When I started to seriously put words to paper in the > 1980s, I never thought about writing content. I wrote > articles. I wrote essays. I wrote reviews. I even took > stabs at writing short stories.

Hmmm: content/articles/essays/reviews/stories – words about collections of words.

“A rose by any other name” comes to mind.

I'm tuned into an “all staff” work meeting while skimming collections of words en route to writing this collection of words, so words are seeming more than a little oppressive in this moment.

> Eventually, I was able to fit all things into one carry > on luggage and one backpack. I felt so stress free since > then, I can always close my luggage, grab my backpack and > go anywhere. I have my life with me.

That is so incredibly cool!

> I have no clue wtf to write! I haven't experienced an > entire day of writer's block in probably 10 years! :(:(:( > I just want words to arrive, and they won't. Fuck this.

That actually sounds like a working definition of serenity relative to the aforementioned endlessness-of-words context.

> The reality of it, of course, is that celebrities are > the same eating, drinking, breathing, shitting, mortal > creatures we ALL are, but people put them on a pedestal.

Idolatry is a special form of self worship in which a self bolsters itself by openly i-dentifying with another self that mob murmuring suggests is a better self than other selves, the hope being that the association results in other selves seeing oneself in a better light than sans said association.

> Can journalists still say what they want/mean in 2020?

They can. But if what they want/mean doesn't explicitly hate on Trump, they risk insults, being “cancelled”, and quite possibly physical harm.

I hereby call that “Mob Cancellation of Freedom of Speech”.

Heck, I've felt the cancellation/shunning on more than one occasion here for not merely droning out standard issue TDS.

> Is it a uniform rule that they are not allowed to form > an opinion?

It's not so much that they're not allowed as, per what I just said, they realize they'll be punished by the angry, hateful mob if not in accord with their rantiravings.

> What a miserable profession

In fact, root cause is much closer to “what a miserable species”, because the profession itself would be fine and dandy were there no angry, hateful mob on the edge of incontinence-eager to dole out punishment for to/for others not saying The Right Things™.