Blog is the loneliest number that you'll ever do


So, huh... I can type about my life here... and feel good about... 20 reads? Maybe 50 with a disingenuous title (i.e. implies/promises way more than post content itself).

And then... the added bonus of probably landing permanently in the modern day equivalent of a USENET killfile of any who ever find anything uncomfortable/offensive in any post.

In other words, given participants are human, it's basically going to be the same 'ole hooray-for-our-team-and-goodbye-to-all-others.

Well... unless I prostitute myself to write only content I imagine to meet a median level of tolerance of members of tribes I imagine will maximize ongoing reads.

Am I missing something, here?

How does one un-realize all that so that grinding out a post doesn't feel like a silly exercise in futility?