Beware of blogness

Okay. Nice little treadmill walk. Just finished giving the dumbbells their much cherished opportunity to mock gravity. It's all an illusion, of course. But, then, what isn't?

It's kind of a funny topic, really.

There seems to be a person/self doing this.

And doing this might lead to what seems like other persons/selves responding to it. It's rare, but it does happen.

But could not mind merely imagine all that, complete with what I sometimes call “the reality bit set”, such that the happens are deemed “real” instead of “imaginary”?

I mean, right down to emotions, the sparks of auxiliary thoughts (some even unto so-called rabbit holes).

Because, remember: it has to be convincing.

It's just.. if you trace the thread back/(with)in.. it.. there.. I....

So there's this show (pronounced “shoe”). And it's a really big show. A container of seeming other shows.

And yet is it nowhere to be found, for all that seems to be is relative to an individual subject/self, but the outer (i.e. inner) most container/shell contains said subject/self, making it unknowable to said subject/self, which can only know “from its place down” in the seeming scheme, as it were....

And just as that clown starts to get it, the outermost generates a distraction guaranteeing the clown loses the thread, the trail, can't smell a fucking thing that was en route to it thinking – maybe even excitedly – it was “finally onto something”.

Not unlike the finger trying to put a finger on the finger....