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I've come to view writing software as mostly an exercise in stupidity coddling.

OH! In related news, you wanna know why software developers have to mostly waste their time on mind-numbing security matters?

ANSWER: because humanity is mostly assholes.

In related news (that I promise to keep the word 'mostly' from appearing in..):

> Probably do more harm than good for the world, in all honesty.

That's not a half bad definition of “company”....

Rather enjoying the writing in these parts, of late. I do love well-described moments. Doesn't have to be true – just needs to make me wanna wink back.

> OK, so, the #1 complaint I have with the MX Keys, by far, > is the backlighting on this keyboard. It lights up, it's > bright, that's good – but, it goes to sleep when I stop > writing/typing anything at all for 5+ seconds.

What happens in software is you keep learning that most people are so incomprehensibly stupid that it's strong temptation to do for them things they ought to be able to do for themselves. Like remember to turn things on and/or off.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before (yep.. here it comes..), but Kia apparently thought people were sufficiently stupid to have the Soul (our model in its time, at any rate) automatically lock all the doors after a while. That means if I don't carry the fat fucking fob around at all times, chances of me getting into the vehicle (e.g. because I'm seeing it in the garage, and seeing it triggered a memory of something I left therein) are either zero, or the even more frustrating “Murphy's Law Zero”, i.e. you'd think it would be zero for consistency's sake, but somehow it occasionally doesn't lock, and you swear it's just to get you leaning that way, so that the next time you really need to get in the car but don't have the fob, that's when the fucker will be stone cold locked, leading to either going without, or having to take a long walk to retrieve the fob (that's too annoyingly bulking to keep in the pocket, especially how that constantly risks leaning into something in a way that presses the “emergency alarm” button on the fob, and then the fucking thing is annoying not just me, but the rest of the neighborhood – as I fumble in a panic to undo that shit....).

So it's not really the developers' faults. The MX Keys people? Probably super smart. But their customers? Ummmm.... probably not, for the most part. So of course they're going to need to whip out the equivalent of Playskool blocks in the design....

(And of course there doesn't seem to be setting for it, although there are tricksters online offering protracted sets of borderline ridiculous steps that more desperate types will likely actually attempt, much to the joy of said “tricksters” – ho ho ho hee hee hee ha ha ha.)

> OK, conserves battery, right? > > Or, make a bigger, better battery!

Can't. Climate Change™.

(Or so some of us think. Or believe. I mean, are there even really facts about much of anything anymore, or is it all just mostly (OH FUCK I JUST USED THE WORD 'mostly' AGAIN! SORRY!!!) about who's saying it, and being seen to align therewith for the Cool Kids Blessing Upon Us Power it connotes?)

> It has “SmartCook” tEcHnOlOgY built into it – so, > when I boil water, just on the verge of that water boiling, > the burner s.h.u.t.s. o.f.f. and cools to the point where > it is almost cool to the touch, and then starts again, > and heats the water to boiling. > > Why (in the fxxx) does it do this?

<laughs sufficiently hysterically to border on demonically>