Awww, cracklin' bloggie git on 'a board

> I imagine I kinda peer into windows – seeing characters > or situations in an isolated, disconnected way.

Oooh, interesting!

> Me, I am still trying to find, figure out, discover some > thingS (plural) that I may or may not like since I left > Big Social™ in September of 2019.

I can't imagine how in the past I ever thought I had enough time for more than Write.As and Midnight Pub, whose quality of content to effort ratios are stellar.

Fun, productive day, here. Slight improvements on the new place, more clearing stuff out of the old in the ultimate direction of Airbnb'ing it. Sorely needed shower this morning. Little bitties 'o da You know.

Acquired a fresh pack of Camel straights last night, and think I might just have me one right now!