Auditioning for the minimalism choir

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> I come back to a point Jon Udell expressed – context > is a service that we can provide others. Because on the > base level, highlighting and bookmarking is beneficial > to you. But then, once they're on the web, they become > potentially beneficial for others – all from making your > reading content-addressable.

<entropy winks, grins>

> Money, of course. I always stress about it when I have > large amounts of it going out the door. I am always > transparent on this blog, and I gotta say – I never seem > to have enough money to do the things I want/need to do.

Are the wants/needs editable?

> This is more or less me talking/writing to myself and > warrants no feedback, I just wanted to put into text the > way I feel about things. Feeling good :)

Textual gyrations on public dance floors have the look and feel of invitations to do-si-do.

> It’s me. Standing there. Living a life of moments and > experiences lets me dawdle over a coffee and see the > excruciating glory in mundane places. Now I head back to > beautiful, wondrous and often incredible Vietnam for a > year. I’ll find more mundane and trivial and share them > as I ought. You’re invited to armchair the voyage. Just > be patient. I move at my pace. Maybe you will see something > new in the little. I still do.

<inspects his armchair's seatbelt>


> From Numerous e-mails. All marketing. Personal e-mail > newsletters I will remain subbed to. Also went through > and did a security check on Google. As I “need” > Google. Even though I do not. I just went through multiple > pages and steps just to pause my YT history because I > didn’t want to have a bunch of triggering/offensive shit > on my YouTube timeline anymore.

I'm very much interested in becoming Google-free. Voluntary disuse of Youtube has already done me lots of mental good for avoiding the inner anticipating-advertising cringe. I just need to figure out how to repurpose my two Chromebooks, and I'll be deleting the Google account.

Disabling javascript for all but a few seemingly vital domains has also lightened my disposition significantly, simply for knowing others aren't running their invasive, attention-torpedoing crud on my machine.

> I won't be running away, of course. I still like, > still love the idea of minimalism as a feature and openness > as a perk (as long as the latter gets better and remains > a core tenet). But I am less and less driven to quickly > write up a quick thing or three on my tablet or laptop > and push it out.

The collective impact posts favoring minimalism has me suddenly remembering John Lennon's “God”, which includes a formidable list of things he no longer believe[sd] in... going on to sing “the dream is over” several times – which mind is currently mapping to the nightmare of bright-shiny-objects-substitutes-for-solid-content web offerings.