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> Typing Resources

Damned cool!

Oh, how I miss my old Olympia.... I'd probably lose a phalange or nine attempting to type on such after all these years on such easy keyboards.

> If you want to know more about me, you could check > the link that I have attached below this. And if you > just want to see my daily activities, you also could > open my twitter account and find out what you want > to know from Jeneigrl.

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Awww, shucks!

> Being so exhausted from work and from trying to prove > myself to others has left me afraid of experiencing life in > its slow beauty. I'm 29 and have changed so many jobs and > hobbies and interests that I don't feel I've ever took some > time to do nothing. So now I believe I should try and make > a slow introduction to some boredom and time with myself, > no matter how scary that feels.

Do whatever seemingly puts the “I thought” – aka mind – in abeyance.

> I am worried about what comes next.

Ego's root and overriding goal is to become the god nobody – including itself – would want to abide.