Anti-building blocks (antibubu?)

As near as I can tell, this position by Dave Winer mostly just exposes his complete lack of understanding of abuse on social media platforms. Users block other users in large part as a barrier to abuse. This is an over-simplification, but blocking abusive users, trolls, or bots not only protects the blocking user but often serves also to protect other users because it keeps the abusers, trolls, and bots from being able to reply to the original user's tweets, and therefore keeps them out of the discussion.

Blocking is also not too shabby at/for avoiding learning something other than what one already believes.

If anyone reads this, what will they think? What could they say? I'm letting my heart spill out and my words run rampant and I cant help but wonder how other people will react.

At the risk of morphing bad-news-bearer, this is likely the only reaction you're going to receive, here.

But this is about my perspective. My thought process and how I see things. And in a sense that gives me some peace. Because what does it matter what judgmental people say? They weren't there, they don't have a perspective but my own and how they perceive it. It's all about seeing the world through my spyglass.

I rather enjoy judgemental people, because there's invariably anywhere from a smidgen to a heaping helping of hypocrisy to their meltdowns – which, tugged (i.e. responded to) even ever so slightly (heck, sometimes even merely playfully tickled..), can easily lead to quite the unraveling. It's like a free ticket to a modeling show where the models' selves don the latest and greatest of most embarrassing inner garb, including – but certainly not limited to – the latest tribe-murmured phrases, memes, articles unchallenged for being from pet, fully-approved-by-their-tribe sources, etc.

So, like, they're convinced they so know a topic that any who openly disagree are – along with their position(s) – likely quickly labeled in various derisive ways, e.g. possessing “complete lack of understanding”, “abuse”, “abusive”, “trolls” – sometimes with an icing on that judgemental cake being open proclamations of blocking, and enjoining others to do the same.

Then again, what's to be expected in times where not even “names”, but mere opinions are seemingly the new “sticks and stones”?

To me that attitude is very “lead pipe” to the knees of interactive possibility, rendering merely stating opinion – never mind taking humorous chances – worthy of having one's life ruined over.

You know how a child might sulk at the dinner table going “NO! I WON'T EAT MY PEAS! I WON'T EAT MY PEAS!”

I don't see that as too different from the minds of online shun-meisters essentially saying “NO! I WON'T THINK IN WAYS DEPARTING FROM WHAT I NEED TO BELIEVE! I WON' THINK IN WAYS DEPARTING FROM WHAT I NEED TO BELIEVE!”

Colin Walker has thought quite a bit more than me about being middle-aged. Mostly, I think I just feel like it means I'm already dying, and since the first half of my life amounted to nothing the second half is sure to as well, although I imagine that perspective could be due to the midlife autism diagnosis followed by things like bladder surgery and tomorrow's appointment to decide which lymph nodes on which we're going to be doing biopsies.

Well, I'm sorry to read of your maladies.

But on the bright(er) side, at least you've got an enduring fan considering your thoughts and writing worthy of response. That can be a pretty tricky outcome to obtain in these times of there seemingly being way more writers than readers.