Another morn, and I ain't got nobody

> Not as bad as Apple Music, though. I'll never deal with > them again. Or deal with anything in the Apple ecosystem, > if I can avoid it.

Same. My one – and now ancient – Macbook Pro was it. I was hesitant at the time, even, because from what I could see most of the premium cost of owning Apple was its appearances value – as in “This shows others I'm one of the cool kids too!”

I went through trying to power up some of the old machines today, and that Macbook is apparently bricked. Little green LED at the end of the power code that magnetically attaches to the power jack glows, but the machine doesn't start regardless the various lengths of time operating the power button.

I really do have to get back with using only removable media for personal data, scripts, etc., though. It's feeling like I've not enough time left to dick with ripping that thing apart to maybe identify its long-term storage device to give it some extra destructive attention... but, of course, that's a different kind of extra work.. and of course the fundamental underlying cause is too many human beings being such disgusting pieces of shit that I have to worry about what some might do with my data/information....

> XMPP, Gopher protocol, RCS, BBS, things like this SOUND > cool, and I basically want to use them for no other reason > than that.

I recall using RCS in the distant past – assuming your talking about this RCS, anyway.

> And he was also prone to a little (attempted) manipulation > when required.

Which makes him... let's see... human?

> So, you see, this isn't an avenue of me getting “good” > at anything, or grabbing attention, or being anything > other than someone who can only self-correspond in order > to maintain a semblance of mental health.

I guess for me it's mostly a vain hope of encountering another whose writing suggests a similar conceptual context – aka mind – plight.

Yep. That's what it's mainly been all the way back to 1980s “local BBSes”.

And the word 'vain' is putting it mildly....

> but blog has to go.


> We have a a society become too engrossed or mesmerized in > our own logic and intellect.. what is happening inside your > mind.. these facts and such clog your ability to routinely > relate to other aspects of your emotional intelligence.

Sounds a rather reasonable theory.

> So, good morning


11F here at 6:18am. Haven't peeked to see if snow still da man at diss point.

In addition to getting some work around the house done, yesterday, I wound up doing a bunch of search-engine-accompanied reminiscing, fueled mostly by some memorability from people from my first serious, and longest running job. God, to interact with several of them again. Even just a hello and a quick catch up.

But I couldn't find much about them, for the most part. Either they were generally good at protecting PIA online, or never got stupidly busy with online, or stayed mostly in walled gardens impervious to much search engine pry.

Turns out, however, that one of them became a mermaid. At least for a while. Again, the breadcrumbs are sparse to none.

She also had another child that's seemingly quite creative online.