And then suddenly the posting bladder just can't take it no mo

I'd likely not have noticed a missing shoulder bag in a comic pane, and certainly wouldn't know hipster clothes if I saw them.

But I do believe that – not unlike a casinos – online “places” claiming – or even merely implying – something for nothing are far better at The Maths™ than their visitors. That used to make me sad, but then I remembered the internet pioneers tended to be impossibly overly optimistic about so-called human nature, so of course shit started getting fucked as hordes of lesser tech savvy – not to mention of lesser socially conducive/productive character – beings arrived that one devastating September.

The online speakeasy sounds great, but then I remembered it'll likely be yet another online boondoggle soon enough beaten well past death by “self”-centered unintelligent automatons of the 666th kind, because that's human history in a butt-shell.

But I do appreciate the invitation!

Is anyone here able to see the word 'toots' without its more classic meaning coming to mind?

And holy moly: a second post focused on bags? Could those sporting them possibly be referred to as “pouch potatoes”?

Yeah, yeah... we spend too much time online. But can you blame us for having found so tasty a distraction/excuse from having to accomplish anything Real World?

I've been married only a couple and a half months, and it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay less lonely now than during the decade-some years we merely lived together. In fact, the unit of measurement of the difference is 'Worlds'.

The main problem with words is their hypnosis: as though the mind reverberations they invoke were at least as real as so-called real world things.

(They're the same, actually. But that's a bit too advanced a topic for the hypnotized. You know?)

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And, as always, many thanks to Da Tmo for da flow by flows!