And in the end.. the posts you take.. are equal to the posts.. you make

> The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to > sell in plastic bottles, wherein we hear yet another tale > of a mega corporation profiting from what's essentially > a public resource and not giving much (if anything) back, > and about the efforts to fight that corporation.

Egos assembling to fight other assembled egos?

Holy endless ignorance of root cause, Batman!

> And that's it for this Monday. Come back in seven days > for another set of links to start off your week.

I do appreciate thoughtful, time-saving curation, Scott!

It's been a sort of lava lamp of consciousness string of days for this here author: non-trivial memory loss, strange onsets of seemingly “real” olfactory sensations vaguely associated with the same in dreams (whose conclusion – should I chose to accept/pursue it – would be death (or so I imagine in the onset of its throes)), my partner insisting my having gone into trances of sorts accompanied by odd neuro-behavioral displays (especially in the mouth region), and relative ease (compared to how it's seemed for so many decades) of letting go of the dream which life-is-said-to-be-but-a in favor of the still quiet voice of attention upon attention.

Does that read like complete and total insanity, or what?

Yet doth its usual opposite – seemingly being a self drowning in seemingly infinitely so much not-self – seems far more insane than the hysterical-laughing-invoking calm of the aforementioned.

The end seemed so near I even told two of my three all-time-favorite correspondents exactly how much I appreciate them in no uncertain terms lest I somehow soon never get the chance to do so.

Not that I haven't been “Do'h!”-grade wrong countless times before, of course....