All you need is mux

I chanced upon a 3x5 card (while digging through various keepsakes) containing the following (apparently penned during a drawing phase):

“only draw shapes that can't be described”

I feel compelled to extend that to: Only abide what can't be thought.

> The most shocking statistic reported is only one out > of five companies offer their employees continuous > cybersecurity awareness training.

“Shocking”? Seems a bit strong given we're talking something as boundlessly renewable as human stupidity.

> To anyone who's listening

It happens from time to time.

> Reminds me of jamming with other musicians back in > school. The common currency we shared were riffs. It could > be a couple of notes. That's all it could take to lead to > a fun improv session or a song we'd perform later on.

Awesome parallel!

> Thanks again Inquiry for the bash riff!

You're welcome!

In case you've not wondered about or discovered it yet, but:

Ctrl-b [
use ijlm keys to navigate, space to select first place, enter to select range
go to some other window/pane
open buffer (e.g. vim) for insert
Ctrl-b ]
The last line pastes what you caputred earlier.

What's cool about it is the grab function respects pane boundaries, something the mouse could never do.