Ain't talkin' 'bout blog! <guitar>

> I am 37 years old now

I can't tell you how weird it is to look back at that age as though long ago....

> So, this is my noobified portrait. I was trying to get > a cartoon avi generator to take a portrait of mine (a > selfie, really) and make it into a cartoon, but it was > taking forever to load and then just failed outright. So, > I made my own.

Knowing it was crafted by its fleshly likeness matters (to this observer, anyway), lifting it high above the “any uncreative fool could have done that” (by using a generator) zone.

> Some days in Hanoi are just meant for walking. The > springtime especially comes up with cool mornings, > sometimes warmer days, then the evenings will cool > off. Today was one of the cloudy days where walking felt > effortless. One step is all. One giant step. One giant > moment spent turning left or right down some streets > in Hanoi. Maybe stop at a park bench and assimilate my > delicious moment. Breathe it all in. There’s no hurry > up or slow down on these days. No need to even take a > photograph. It’s like the streets are one big street > where Hanoi life meanders with shops and kids laughing > and old people smiling at me.


How much credit do you give the locale for it being/seeming thusly? I mean, technically (although also possibly merely theoretically..) speaking, said mindset should be both cultivatible and relocatable. I want to believe your mindset-honing over time (even if unintentional) constitutes the lion's share of how peacefully idyllic seems.

> as it will be 42F when I leave here, and getting up to 52 > by the time I return home

Glorious! I'm pretty happy for temps allegedly rising to all of 38F, here, today.