Ain't nothin' wrong with a little smoke with them mirrors...

> This definitely has me in the mood to have a GOOD > aromatic, though. Like Paladin Black Cherry, or Lane > Very Cherry. Gotta get some aros on the P&C shopping list > soon. As well as some English tobacco. In fact, I might > just build up my cellar in March. Spring is good smoking > weather, of course, and a good time to experiment with > some different blends.

You've got me feeling like quite the 'bacco heathen for settling for satisfaction in Newports when I dabble to do me.... :–)

> so honestly, what is the point?

It's simultaneously whatever you think/believe it is, while staunchly nothing at all....

And now is the blue sky hiding behind the clouds. Or is it the clouds are covering the blue sky? Is it still blue when I can't see it?

See how it's however we see – aka model – it?

In related news, the following has been “doing it” for me, of late:

      I see no differences or separation.
           Even the multitudes appear
          as a single formless desert.
            To what should I cling?
               I am not the body.
             I do not have a body.
         I am Awareness, not a person.
          My thirst for life bound me
             to a seeming of life.
        In the limitless ocean of Myself
             the winds of the mind
      roil the myriad waves of the world.
           But when the wind subsides
             in the limitless ocean
     the ark of personhood is swallowed up,
      along with the universe it carries.
            And how wonderful it is!
       In the limitless ocean of Myself,
                waves of beings
        arise, collide, play for a time,
      then disappear--as is their nature.