A taste of blogging

> For Web development, the right tools are the ones you > have, as with anything in life. But when I was stranded > on a Chrome OS device (with Intel Celeron Inside), it was > simply not going to cut it for what I needed to do. So, > when the Celeron processor began to slow,

I dunno. Maybe you had a super old Chrome OS situation, e.g. getting to The Linux required the past, somewhat clunky chroot path to it.. but in my mind you could easily have done web development therein. Maybe I just never got deeply enough into it, but I'm not sure what it is about web development that could ever be CPU intensive, except maybe some automated tests....?

> There are two types of crime that everyone knows or should > know (presuming that one does not know already).

“Democrat” and “Republican”....?

> A misdemeanor is crime which is not as serious as a felony.

Heart Woody Allen's “Crimes and Misdemeanors”!

Eating and typing a bit between work meetings, here. Really going to miss the chili I've been working on the last several days.