A quick nod to fornibation

> This blog post can basically be marked as spam because > I am just rambling but that brings me to my next point: > we (people on write.as) NEED a drop down menu option for > what goes to e-mail subscribers and what doesn’t. The > write.as staff has been very helpful on this and I have a > thing going in the Labs section of write.as (as I mentioned > the other day). Anyway, this blog post is a perfect example > of what I would NOT send to e-mail subscribers because it > is a little “off-the-cuff” and not well-written nor > very interesting.

That sounded like a nice feature at first. But then it hit me there might be others like me that always want to see everything, and so perhaps this is something that should be configured on the reader side? So maybe we can mark/flag posts in categories like “blog”, “meta”, “rant” (or whatever), and readers can filter on/against such categories?

> The Real Cause of Global Pollution > Behold... > The global pollution is everywhere... > It is affecting the entire world visibly and invisibly... > It is extremely contagious against us... > The aggregating pollution dominates the four elements... > As of the outside, so is the inside... > The iron horses (cars, vans, and trucks) are overrunning > the population of animals very rapidly... > toxic waste > The Solution?

Um... peons like us that can't even think outside a “two party” political system offing ourselves to save the planet?

> However, do I think YOU should run out and use Chrome > if you primarily use your device(s) to consume content > or for non-Web-centric work? Well, no. Even if you just > use Safari – at least Apple has somewhat of a big(ger) > commitment to privacy than Google does. For sure.

(NOTE: I realize the following commentary doesn't really apply to the aforementioned environment, but it seemed like the best hook on which to hang such a commentarious hat...)

All graphic browsers seem like the biggest pieces of frustration-provoking bloated crapware I've ever encountered, so my attitude tends to be that if I can't access something with cURL – filtering/formatting text as I like, stuffing binaries in convenient/appropriate places – then the content just plain isn't important to me anyway.

And it's not just because I'm a cantankerous old fuck. Indeed, I find tons of joy in learning how to process content myselves, complete with both middle fingers raised (the filtering) to content I know I'm never going to be interested in.

> Yet the path we choose is our decision. Making more money > and owning more stuff inevitably leads to burnout sooner > or later as we gradually lose focus on what really matters > and give in to the temptations of the outside world. The > price tag outweighs the value we get in exchange which is > not the kinda deal we wanna strike. > > Conscious living comes with more benefits than one could > imagine. Owning less and owning what we really need is > freedom. Making less money than what we actually need > allows us to spend time with things that truly matter to > us. Walking down this path leads to contentment and having > peace of mind, knowing that we have control over our lives > and decisions, and we live in harmony with our environment.

Totally agree. Going even a bit further: peace of mind is emptiness – if (better yet) not absence – of mind, and things are definitely ponderable, and thus stokers of thought(s), and thus enemies of said peace.

> This routine also required me to quit drinking. There's > no way I'd be waking up this early had I been drinking > the night before.

I hear you. And yet I'm a fan of the phrase “the body likes a challenge”, and so to me making the effort to do both seems attractive, toughening up along the way (so long as I don't charge past a point of biological inelasticity, of course).

> What I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am about to write is a > formal confession and a way to undo the mistakes I > have made in the past due to my impure sexual behavior > (fornication) before I found the website of Gnostic > Teachings on October 2018. It is also a way for me to > expose conspiracy-theorists websites, including one which > is associated with the Black Lodge. > > I will start by stating that this started at my Venus > period (Age 14), when I slipped and fell to fornication > by means of masturbation. For years before I underwent > redemption on October 2018, I was looking ways to kill > masturbation once and for all.

Murderer!!! ;–)

Hehehe. I mean, this is all kind of humorous to me for having gone through at least a couple major religious phases earlier in life, and now all these years later realizing how much they were mostly – if not utterly – just so much mind hysteria with respect to the fate of a posited being that I've never been able to locate as a Thing In Itself, i.e. apart from thinking about it. (And there's much hilarity to essentially saying “I can't find I!”)

So there's somehow this collection of thoughts more or less bound together (i.e. they kind of complement – if not feed (pass re-petitional energy between?) – each other) defining <my name>, but for the life of “me” there's no actual substance to said being apart from those thoughts, hence making tons of sense of the phrase “I was conceived” in the mental sense.

Which means said self is akin to the circle that appears on a dark night if/when one causes the glowing hot end of a stick to traverse a circular path quickly enough. In one sense the circle exists, but the moment you try to grab it you discover it doesn't.

Same with (individual) “self” (aka ego).

What I'm trying to type is that the real bud to nip isn't controlling mind content, but uprooting mind by searching for it with such diligence that hysterical laughter ensues upon discovering there never was such a thing to begin with....

<sudden strong desire to end this post the way Paul Harvey ended his broadcasts>