A mean clean typing machine

> Meds are arriving sometime today.

Heh.. just back from checking the mailbox to see if mine arrived... I guess it'll be tomorrow.

> The coffee is now brewed, is delicious. I try to buy coffee > whole bean these days, but the past few months I haven't > really been “up to it” because there are only a few > types of whole bean coffee that is also organic at Schnucks > (my grocer) and usually they are pricey, so I just go with > organic ground stuff. Boyds Red Wagon Roast from Portland, > OR. is my favorite. Really wish they had that whole bean.

I must have the basic, underlying makeup of a drug addict, because regardless the ingestion domain, I tend to be more about the active ingredient than accompanying aesthetics. I mean, yeah, of course I prefer better tasting to worse, but I don't recall ever losing a single drop of sweat to evaporation over it.

> Walking home half an hour with the remnants of > freezing storm Ciara in my face. Work trip to Bucharest > cancelled for fear of being quarantined there because of > Coronavirus. As you were.

I've still no concrete basis to believe there really is such a place as Bucharest. Sure, I've heard the word all my life. But I've also heard of Oz all my life. So.

But damn, what a great sounding word, full of energy and grit – and something I can't quite put my finger on that has me imagining a few female residents thereof knowing a thing or two about shaving.

> But I go through a lot of coffee. The sooner the better, > I say. Another thing I go through a lot of is tobacco. I > will have to start up my “cellar” pretty soon, and > then I will not be limited to only D&R Vengeur blend leaf > 24/7. I like mixing heavy aromatics with high nicotine > blends and I am going to more or less stick to those two > types of tobaccos when I start my cellar. More/different > blends can always be added later.

And here I thought I was sophisticated because I used to smoke Camel straights... (you know... the so-called “Turkish Blend”™...)

Sipping some red wine from – of all places – Aldis. Good schtuff! Partner grabbed a bottle of it yesterday out of curiosity.

I'm also fresh off a shower, thereafter in a bit of a panic for realizing there was one more thing I needed to install (“WinSCP”) in order for a long-running “integration” to work on a new machine... so I did that with some time to spare.. although I'm pretty sure my nervous system was none the better for the low grade hysteria.

Fucking software development....

Speaking of which, I was happy to see I'm just seven days away from an automatic write.as subscription renewal. My God, what a deal for having gotten in for just $1 a month a year ago. My fun and joy here has far exceeded that.

But, of course, a deal's a deal. ;–)

Plus you never know when you're the type for whom interest can suddenly plunge to negative infinity.

This is an almost ideal moment, by the way.. sitting in the office/man-cave, door open, partner in full view working on something of her own, some sort of pizza in the over, great red wine going down, and post-shower clean as a whistle!