A blog like ours.. could never die.. so long as I, post there daily

The significant snowfall forecast seems to have been in progress since before I awoke, a couple to three new inches where there was once driveway pavement.

This morning's mind seems the usual pernicious cauldron of thoughts caught pants down somewhere between simmering and boiling in their Brownian motions.

Just look at it come down!

Yes, the snow, too....

You know how some tree trunks suggest the trees suddenly felt the need to go a radically new direction en route to the sky?

I kinda want to know what provoked that in specific instances.

But on those heels came the thought any such information would likely go the way of past photos of places you like to see, but of course are imprisoned in walled gardens – the internet being the latest premiere testament to mass human lazy-assed stupidity.

And then, of course, few seem to know how to label things in ways facilitating search.

Pardon me for temporarily imagining so much better a world....